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Caring Corner Policies

Health Your child should not be sent to school if he/she is ill. This includes fever, diarrhea, rash or vomiting. Caring Corner will notify you if your child becomes ill. You will also be notified of any special problems, injuries or communicable diseases that could affect your child.

Medication must be authorized in writing indicating the child’s name, type of medication, and dosage. Child’s name must appear on all medication. Prescription medicine must be in original container. Medicine will be given during lunch and snack times only. If your child is too ill to participate in outside activities, you should plan to keep them at home on that day.

Caring Corner will provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks daily which meet nutritional guidelines and requirements. (Parents may be asked to supply ingredients for children’s cooking projects.)

Rest time is required for all children. Parents should provide a folding sleep mat and also a small blanket or towel marked with his/her name, which will be sent home each week for cleaning. A small soft “lovie” or pillow may be sent. (It must fit in his/her cubbie)

Children should wear simple and washable play clothes. Tennis shoes are best for all activities. It is important to allow children to be comfortable and “get dirty” without the worry of a parent getting upset. Parents are asked to send a complete seasonal change of clothing (including socks) in a ziploc bag labeled with the child’s name.

Children are not to bring toys/personal belongings with them. Caring Corner is not responsible for any articles brought from home.

Discipline, Guidance & Concerns
Discipline and guidance shall be consistent and a part of the learning process. No corporal punishment will be used. Parents will be informed promptly if their child becomes consistently problematic. If your child is unable to adjust, after a justifiable period, we reserve the right to withdraw him/her from the program. Parents are permitted access to all parts of the center any time their child is present, prior notice is not needed. Parents should notify the director of any questions or concerns, and if needed, a conference can be scheduled.

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