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About Us

Our Curriculum

The curriculum at our school is both thematic and literature based. We design and select materials based on the age and ability of each child. Our educational program incorporates what is developmentally appropriate as well as promoting pre-reading skills at an early age. We introduce stories, poems, and songs beginning in our infant classrooms and continue all the way through our school aged classes.

Our curriculum is developed by using a monthly theme. Letters, colors, shapes, vocabulary and life skills are included in each theme. Books are then selected based on that monthly theme. All of the classroom projects, hands-on activities, and stations are created to reinforce the lessons that are pulled from the books. This approach allows the children to learn at their own level whether they are a hands-on kind of learner or one that learns better by hearing sounds. An environment such as this gives each child the opportunity to explore his or her world in a way that allows for growth and learning.


A literature based curriculum is more than story time. It promotes the growth and development of the whole child by saturating their environment with learning opportunities.
Our "Cool Kids" (school aged) love to write stories and enact plays for our younger students. This encourages our younger students to want to read more and participate to tell their own stories. These types of activities appeal to all parts of a childs desire to master their environment and beyond.

We are excited about the many learning opportunities that children have here and hope that along the way, we can encourage the love for learning in all of them.

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